Rocket Skates!


“…you can wear most any regular shoe with the RocketSkates – simply strap it on and you’ll be ready to get started. It comes with either a large or small foot plate depending on the size of your feet. You’ll also have to decide which foot you want to be your lead skate; the lead tells the other skate what to do. To accelerate, simply tilt forward, and to slow down, just tilt back on your heels. Think of them as mini Segways for your feet. Peter Treadway, Acton’s co-founder and CTO, says they take a little while to get used to, though he says those new to skating could find it pretty easy to learn. There’s an onboard microprocessor in each one and both are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.” w/ photos + videos

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Awkward Boner PRANK

“For a guy, there is no more awkward situation than popping a boner at the wrong time. I decided to go out and pop ‘boners’ at all the wrong times. The reactions were so funny because I didn’t start off with a boner, but popped it out half way through. This made the situation seem so much more real.” — AverageBroTV

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Peanut-Shaped Building Designed By Algorithms


The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, looks like a peanut crossed with a honeycomb. This odd, organic-looking building would’ve never been made if not for the powers of computational design and robotic manufacturing… The project began with a simple question: How can you create a resilient timber structure with as little material as possible? The answer, it turned out, was going to take an integration of multiple digital processes.” w/ photos + video

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Gravity Dice


Elevate your gaming with Gravity Dice. Gravity Dice are CNC Machined dice that have been calculated to have a perfect center of gravity. We utilize the most advanced 3D modeling and simulation to bring you perfectly balanced dice. Through complex model algorithms we found a balance between great weight, center of gravity and exceptional style. Unlike most traditional machined or molded dice we start with aircraft grade aluminum extrusions and then machine them down to be a perfect cube.” w/ photos + video

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