Stairway To Nothingness


“Whatever your nerves are made of, as long as you can stomach walking along a glass platform floating 1,300 feet above the treacherous Austrian Alps, this adventure is for you. Located near the town of Schladming, this 328-foot long suspension bridge leads you fourteen steps down onto a glass terrace jutting out of a mountain crag. Once you reach the end, you are rewarded with a uninterrupted, breathtaking view of Austria’s magnificent Dachstein glacier and stunning mountainous landscapes.” w/ photos

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The Rise & Fall Of AIM


“When we think about the spectacular collapses of once untouchable Internet properties, companies like MySpace and come to mind. The rise and fall of AOL Instant Messenger rivals them all. Once the dominant force in digital messaging and a source of innovations other companies spun off into billions of dollars of businesses, AIM is now mostly dormant. Mashable sat down with three of the early engineers of the program to learn about its origins, why AOL never quite embraced the concept of a free messaging service, getting hacked by Microsoft and the features that never quite made it to users.” w/ photos

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World’s Smallest Phone Charger


“Where most portable chargers fall short is that they’re just too big and bulky. It becomes a dilemma, a conscious choice to carry one with you. You don’t want to take your bag so you end up leaving it at home, only to rue your decision later when your mobile is in dire need of power. Fuel is the world’s smallest phone charger and it’s compact enough to carry with you at all times. Measuring up at a mere 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm, and stuffed (somehow!?) with a rechargeable 220mA battery, this feisty little fuel-cell is designed to give you around 20-30 minutes of extra talk time or up to a couple more hours of standby, depending on how you use your phone.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World


“In this list are several breathtaking abandoned places from Europe to Asia, and America. The abandoned village of Craco in Italy, the ruins of a German monastery, the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the picturesque Machu Picchu in Peru, the Holland island which disappeared in the Chesapeake Bay Maryland and the controversial dome houses of Florida. Peek into the complete list of the most astonishing abandoned places in the world.” w/ photos

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