World’s Largest Transformers Collection


“Zhang Wei, a retired soldier from Qingdao city, China’s Shandong Province, is a huge fan of Transformers. The 38-year-old has been collecting Transformers models of varying sizes since 2002. And when he got married, his wife joined him with great enthusiasm. Today, the couple’s home is filled with a massive collection of 380 models worth a whopping US $32,000… Pictures of Zhang’s collection are all over the internet, and several commenters are expressing awe and admiration over the models. ‘Luckily, your wife is supportive,’ one person wrote.” w/ photos

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Robots Fighting (Stop Motion)

“Here it finally is! It was a lot of work (I started this project back in October and then worked on and off during the year.) so enjoy it as much as you can!” — Katsuhono

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Algorithms Help Make Quality Grilled Cheese?


“Said by Greg Hernandez, The Melt’s vice president of operations, to be the first of its kind in the retail food industry, the Smart Box was a design, 10 months in the making, created specifically to allow The Melt’s urban locations to deliver grilled cheese sandwiches that are still hot and chewy, and not soggy. You know, like a grilled cheese sandwich ought to be… At the bottom of the box, there’s an aluminum heat mass. Plugged into an electrical outlet, the mass heats to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the box can go mobile. A small light turns from red to green, letting the store manager know it’s time to go.” w/ photos

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DIY Pinhole Camera Kit


VIDDY is a screenprinted do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit made from tough, durable recycled card. It accepts both medium format and 35mm film. Each and every VIDDY is screenprinted and die-cut by hand in the UK and is available in 4 colors; Green, Black, Blue or Red. VIDDY comes as a kit and the main pieces you’ll need simply pop out so you’ll go from flat pack to working camera in around half an hour! Stickers and split pins are used to build the main body and you just need a small drop of glue to construct the film advance knobs.” w/ photos + video

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