Greenland’s Ice Canyon


This beautiful accident just happened when scientists, who were focusing on the height of the ice above Greenland, suddenly discovered a ‘long linear feature that seemed to be pretty continuous’ through the radar images they’ve shot. The discovery is a gouge 50% longer than Arizona’s 277-mile Grand Canyon, but wasn’t as deep – ranging from 650 feet to 2,600 feet. The canyon starts from the center of Greenland then up to the Petermann Glacier which empties out the northern coast. Because of this, scientists speculated that this was an ancient river long before it was covered by today’s ice sheet.” w/ photos

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Toyota Confirms Fuel Cell Car


Toyota has confirmed it will launch a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car in 2015, but said sales volumes would be limited. The car, which will be a mid-sized saloon comparable to the current Avensis, will closely reference the Toyota FCV concept shown at the Geneva motor show last month. Toyota says it will use a high-density fuel stack and will have the potential to cover 500 miles on a single tank of fuel. European president, Didier Leroy said he recognized fuel cell technology will take time to be adopted. ‘To help that happen we will bring a reasonable number of cars to Europe. The volume will be limited, but they will be visible on the streets,’ he said.” w/ photos

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Insulated Magnetic Bottle


No matter what you chose to put in the Sidewinder, whether it’s water, juice, energy drink, or beer it will never come in contact with any potentially toxic plastic chemicals found in other bottles. The Sidewinder™ bottle is made with food grade 18/8 stainless, and we have made the lid with BPA free #5 material. To make sure that you and your family stay healthy and safe, we have taken extra precaution and added a one piece silicone seal in the lid ensuring your liquids do not touch plastics. The result is one of the safest bottles available anywhere; ZERO contact with questionable toxic plastics and chemicals. Chose a reward to the right, so you can join the movement to Zero BPA™ in your bottles and cups and be confident your drinks are free of toxic chemicals. Here’s to your health!” w/ photos

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Top 10 People Whose Dogs Inherited A Fortune


“But it’s not just rich folk — every dog lover takes grand care of their pet. After all, dogs are man’s best and most loyal friends, aren’t they? Their unselfish loyalty and love certainly deserve a round of applause. Apparently though, some people find mere applause insufficient to truly prove their love and gratitude towards their canine friends. So they went ahead to include their poochies in their will, oftentimes at the expense of their pesky human family members.” w/ photos

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