Why Twitter Now Looks A Bit More Like Facebook


“On one level, the redesign was just about giving the profile a fresh coat of paint. ‘When you look at the old profile, it’s basically a glorified stream with a header on top,’ says Dave Bellona, the Twitter designer who led the project. Functionally, that’s not especially inviting to newcomers. A strictly chronological profile has a decent chance of being topped with a bunch of at-replies — fragments of conversations, essentially — that probably won’t mean much to someone unfamiliar with the service. The question with the redesign, Bellona says, was, ‘How do we slowly shift the boat to be able to make Twitter a little bit more understandable to the rest of us?”… Time to find out.” w/ photos

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Full Body Suit Fetish?

“Wearing skin-tight body suits has become a way of life for some in Japan who insist it gives them sexual liberation — and they’re looking for new recruits.” — AFP

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Super Mario Bros Theme On Wine Glasses

“The Super Mario Bros theme is one of the most recognizable pieces of game music ever recorded. Here it is, played on wine glasses (water glasses) and a frying pan. Thanks to MC Dart for suggesting the Mario theme!.” — Dan Newbie

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Grandmaster Beatboxer

“Legendary freestyle session here from a true grandmaster of face music. Reeps One drops a potent concoction of shattering beats and stomach churning basslines.” — Flyotw Film

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Katie Hopkins’ Talking Head


The self-branded ‘slunt’, famous for being fired from the Apprentice and generally getting up everyone’s nose, has now been made into this spectacular Katie Hopkins’ Talking Head. Fancy a mindless and snobby debate? Say absolutely anything and she’ll immediately oppose it with a mad, sensationalist opinion. Featuring a built-in motion sensor, she yells attention-seeking drivel every time you walk past! Made from a saggy and durable rubber, this almost life-like bust is programmed with over 5,000 cringe-worthy quotes.” w/ photos

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