How Does The Body Absorb Vitamins?


“A full day’s supply of vitamin C! A full day’s supply of 12 vitamins and minerals! A single glass of vitamin-D-fortified milk sending half a day’s recommended dose of the vitamin coursing through your body! It’s very exciting, all this vitamin-y goodness. Vitamins, which are organic substances found in plant and animal sources, help our bodies function properly. They’re crucial to the activities of our cells, our organs, immune systems and general energy supply. They may even help ward off cancer. What exactly does that mean, though, to consume vitamins? What happens when we swallow foods containing vitamin molecules? How do we absorb them in order to reap their healthful effects?” w/ photos

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Australian Team Smashes 26-Year-Old Electric Car World Record


The record-breaking vehicle is Sunswift’s fifth car, the Sunswift eVe. The vehicle previously ran in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, a 1,864 miles solar car race in Australia that runs from Darwin to Adelaide. The car has a top speed of 86mph with an electric-only range of approximately 310 miles, or up to 497 miles when its solar cells are also active – all while using about as much power as a kitchen toaster when travelling at freeway speeds. The solar system was turned off to adhere to the electric car specific record attempt.” w/ photos

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Building Musical Instruments Of The Future

“Tom Fox is the founder of Vulpestruments – an instrument design company based in London. In this film, Tom talks about his passion for finding new ways of creating music and sound and what the instruments of the future might be like.” — Dave Conservatoire

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Purchase Activated Manufacturing

“This video is an executive-level overview of the significance of Purchase Activated Manufacturing, PAM, in an integrated mini-factory, in transforming apparel manufacturing. Apparel can now be made domestically, close to the consumer at higher profits from raw griege fabric with no water consumption and no pollution after they are ordered online. Imagine the impact of ‘no inventory’ on offering consumers infinite choice – PAM is creating a revolutionary transformation of the apparel industry. Manufacturing can now return to North America or domestically anywhere in the world.” — AM4U

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Voice Activated Light Bulb


VOCCA is a simple Plug & Play Voice Activated Bulb Adapter which requires NO Wi-Fi, NO SETUP, NO INSTALLATION. Anyone can install VOCCA, as it requires no wifi, no hub and no configuration. The regular light switch still works when VOCCA is connected so habits don’t need to change. It’s a product for life as you don’t need to buy a new one when your bulb dies. VOCCA makes it possible to switch on the light from anywhere in your house, effortlessly.” w/ photos + videos

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