Denmark’s Beer-Shaped Observation Tower


“Take for instance this beer bottle-shaped tower in Hellerup, Hovedstaden, Denmark. Tuborgflasken is a 26-meter tall replica of the Tuborg beer bottle that was originally built as an observation tower in the heart of the city of Copenhagen. It was created in 1888 for the Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Art Exhibition, featuring the first ever automatic indoor elevator in the country. Built by the Tuborg Breweries, it was also memorialized the advent of bottled beer in the country.” w/ photos

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How To Save Earth From… Us!

“Temperatures are rising, and greenhouse gases are being emitted faster than ever. What’s a planet to do? Hank explains the recommendations of some of the world’s top scientists to stem global warming.” — SciShow

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White Cliffs Of Dover


“The cliffs spread eastward and westward coming from the town of Dover in Kent. Rising 350 meters high, the cliff face is composed primarily of soft, fine-grained chalk along with coccoliths (skeletal parts of planktons made of calcium carbonate) and black flint. Formed in the Ice Age by the Strait of Dover, the cliffs wear off year after year, with an average annual rate of 1 centimetre (0.39 in). However, in some instances, larger sections may fall, such as the case in 2012, when a huge area of the rock face collapsed under freezing conditions.” w/ photos

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Fingerboarding In Taiwan

“The problem with fingerboarding, is that unless it’s in slow motion, it doesn’t look a single bit impressive. The slow motion parts looked awesome, but any time it sped up to normal speed, it looked kinda… eh. It looked like he just flung it and got lucky. The slow motion parts show that it’s a bit more precise than that, but you wouldn’t know it at normal speed.” — Txfnero

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Megaramp Scooter Session

“Take Ryan Williams and Luke Burland and put them on the Megaramp and you get one of the craziest scooter sessions you will ever see!” — MGPactionsports

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Top 10 Controversial Cases Of Negligent Homicide


“Even if the circumstances are purely accidental, an individual can be charged under this statute if they have exhibited criminal negligence and are believed to be legally responsible for someone’s death. Since the accused supposedly had no intention of killing anyone, a charge of negligent homicide will usually bring about a much lighter punishment than that of murder or manslaughter. In some cases, the punishment does fit the crime. But in other cases, a negligent homicide charge allows people to get off way too easily for displaying a callous disregard for human life.” w/ photos

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