Designer Handbag iPhone Case


“In the Minecraft universe monsters only spawn at night, and the real world is no different. Well perhaps not Endermen, Creepers and heavily pixelated spiders etc. but the Boogieman – he’s pretty real. Which is why you need to drive away the darkness and protect yourself properly with the Minecraft Light-Up Torch. We’ve plucked this pixel-perfect lantern straight out of the game so there’s no need for you to brave the endless world, chopping up stick-worthy wood or madly mining for coal. It emits a soothing yellow glow and can be attached to the blocks of your home as a sturdy table centre-piece or hung from the wall at a perfect 45° angle.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Surprising Celebs Who Served In The Military


“The hearts of teenage girls everywhere were broken when they heard the news that superstar singer Elvis Presley had been drafted into the United States Army. Parents, politicians and teachers, most of whom viewed Elvis as a public nuisance and menace, welcomed the March 1958 announcement, and while the singer felt it would be bad for his career, it had the exact opposite effect. He returned from serving in 1960 with the rank of sergeant as well as a new legion of fans. In honor of Elvis’ tour of duty, DoYouRemember presents a list of other notable celebrities who served in the military.” w/ photos

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Stairway To Nothingness


“Whatever your nerves are made of, as long as you can stomach walking along a glass platform floating 1,300 feet above the treacherous Austrian Alps, this adventure is for you. Located near the town of Schladming, this 328-foot long suspension bridge leads you fourteen steps down onto a glass terrace jutting out of a mountain crag. Once you reach the end, you are rewarded with a uninterrupted, breathtaking view of Austria’s magnificent Dachstein glacier and stunning mountainous landscapes.” w/ photos

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The Rise & Fall Of AIM


“When we think about the spectacular collapses of once untouchable Internet properties, companies like MySpace and come to mind. The rise and fall of AOL Instant Messenger rivals them all. Once the dominant force in digital messaging and a source of innovations other companies spun off into billions of dollars of businesses, AIM is now mostly dormant. Mashable sat down with three of the early engineers of the program to learn about its origins, why AOL never quite embraced the concept of a free messaging service, getting hacked by Microsoft and the features that never quite made it to users.” w/ photos

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