Vertical Living Zoo?


“For years, zoos have been trending from distinct exhibits to larger, safari-style setups, and the new model of overhead pathways are a major part of this transition to more flexible habitats. Connective “trails,” somewhat inspired by the Swiss animal behaviorist and zoo reformer Heini Hediger (who died in 1992), are also a necessity these days. It’s difficult for zoos to expand–especially in urban areas, Terry Maple, professor of animal behavior at Florida Atlantic University tells the Wall Street Journal. The result is good for everyone: Animals are happier, visitors get amped up to see them happier (and they return more often), and zoos make money as attendance rises.” w/ photos

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The Professional Bridesmaid?


Surprisingly, Jen received an overwhelming response to her ad – it looks like she accidentally taped into a market that no one ever knew existed. Over night, her mailbox was flooded with requests from a wide range of people – right from gay couples who wanted a female member in their bridal party, to brides who had just moved and couldn’t have their friends to attend the wedding. The ad soon went viral, appearing on popular websites like Elle Magazine and Buzzfeed.” w/ photos

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Why Do Our Hair And Eye Color Change?

“When babies are born, their eyes and hair are one color, but change within the first few years of their life! Why do hair and eye colors change? Trace explains the process of inheriting certain traits from your parents, and discusses why the colors change!” — DNews

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Kawasaki Little Papi

“Toronto Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki joins Barry Davis to comment on his exchange with Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz and his play as of late.” — SportsNetCanada

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Bubble Wrap Shower Curtain


Bubble Wrap is in our DNA. We love it! Start everyday happy with this world first Bubble Wrap shower curtain. Form, Function + Fun! We’ve created a basic product to test the viability but the cost of materials was pretty high. For us to get materials to support a reasonable price point of production, and create a simple ecommerce webpage we would need to raise $1,125. We’ve researched the market and not found anything at all in this product category. We also found that shower curtains are not only pretty boring… but way too expensive! We want to bring something fun, functional and affordable to the market for everyone to enjoy!” w/ photos + video

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