McDonald’s Becoming Popular Wedding Venues


“With prices starting as low as $350 per wedding, the place is pretty much a steal – the deal includes the venue, decorations, audio equipment, food, gifts and invitations. The dream wedding has only one drawback – years later, couples will have to tell their kids that they got married at McDonald’s. Surprisingly, not many couples are bothered by this. The demand for McDonald’s weddings is growing in Hong Kong – the wedding party program that was started in three locations in 2011, has now been extended to 15 branches. And, believe it or not, it’s not just about the money, there’s a sentimental value associated with getting hitched at McDonald’s.” w/ photos + video

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Froggy Fresh – Street Rangers

“In this song, Froggy Fresh is talking about something more deep than cartoons, this song is about pedophiles at parks and how any person can make a difference by being a ‘street ranger’ and looking after kids and people in public areas to help protect them and make the world a better place blah blah blah” pretty sure he’s just making a funny rap to entertain us. But sure, the drapes are blue because it symbolizes deep sadness and remorse in the protagonist of the novel… not because blue drapes match the white exterior of the house…” — FailsAndFights

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Passing Out On Live TV (Supercut)

“As long as we keep putting people on TV live, people will continue to pass out on live TV. Here is an awesome compilation of our favorite clips of people fainting on live television.” — Mandatory

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World’s Fastest Clapper

“This is amazing. Now can I get an acoustic death metal remix with some trem-picked ukelele over top of the clapblastbeat.” — LilDeuceDeuce

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The G-Pod


A revolution in the rapidly growing container housing space. Transportable, expandable, green and versatile. A global game-changer… Our first G-POD unit, which we are calling G-POD #001, will be configured as an easily transportable, completely unique medical clinic for use in MSF’s aid work in disaster areas around the world. We are already working closely with MSF, a truly amazing organization – and your dollars enable us, together, to make a real difference for them.” w/ photos + video

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