World’s Hippest Launderette


“Called ‘the world’s hippest launderette’ by Wallpaper magazine, it combines the warm, sophisticated feel of a diner-cafe with the functionality of a laundromat. So while doing their laundry, diners can read, have a snack, surf the web, or enjoy a cup of Laundromat Cafe’s famous brewed coffee. Besides its washing machines, the Laundromat Cafe is famous for its generous, tasty brunches, artistic decor (the spectrum-colored bookshelves have their own following), and its family-friendly feel, with books, toys, and menu items for kids.” w/ photos

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This Is NOT How You Catch An Electric Eel

“A guy seen here trying to catch an electric eel by trapping the creature in the corner of this pond first then use a stick to pick it out of the water. But I think the eel’s 400-500 watt shock got him before he could finalize this master plan. Enjoy!” — StevesTradeInc

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Flowing Salt Water Over Graphene Generates Electricity


“Hydroelectricity is one of the oldest techniques for generating electrical power, with over 150 countries using it as a source for renewable energy. Hydroelectric generators only work efficiently at large scales, though—scales large enough to interrupt river flow and possibly harm local ecosystems. And getting this sort of generation down to where it can power small devices isn’t realistic. In recent years, scientists have investigated generating electrical power using nano-structures. In particular, they have looked at generating electricity when ionic fluids—a liquid with charged ions in it—are pushed through a system with a pressure gradient. However, the ability to harvest the generated electricity has been limited because it requires a pressure gradient to drive ionic fluid through a small tube. But scientists have now found that dragging small droplets of salt water on strips of graphene generates electricity without the need for pressure gradients.” w/ photos

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Mentos: The Freshmaker

“I’m convinced you can reasonably get away with anything if you have half a pack of Mentos at all times.” — hhhhhh09

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Blavod Black Vodka


Like a rich and luxuriant ink slowly permeating its way through your cocktails, transforming them into something striking and completely unique – Blavod Black Vodka is the world’s first Black Vodka and a sight to behold. Housed in an imposing frosted bottle, this dark and mysterious liquor is an alluring fusion of triple-distilled English grain vodka and a South East Asian botanical known as Black Cetechu. Endowing it with an eye-catching jet black color without interfering with the natural flavors or odor of this premium vodka.” w/ photos

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