Washington Irving – Palomides

“This is an autostereogram, similar to Magic Eye pictures from the 90s. If you have difficulty in observing the 3D effect, sit farther back or reduce the size of the video window.” — W.I

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Destroy The 40-Hour Workweek


Our American economy needs you to work nothing less than 40 hours per week. The message is simple: earn more, collect belongings, and don’t stop until you retire/die. Unless you meet this expectation, be prepared to be called lazy and unproductive — stuck in the unfortunate world of lower and middle incomes. And if you’re not doing something that makes more money than your neighbor, you ought to think about changing careers… This current system is predicated on infinite growth. If you’re not continually benefiting from pay raises and getting promoted, you’re not doing it right. Since the Industrial Revolution, we haven’t stopped to seriously question what we’ve created and amassed. Like worker zombies, it’s hard not to see the countless hours we put into companies — all so that we reach financial independence.” w/ photos

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Cycle-Ball World Cup

“It’s so weird when you never heard of something for which there’s already high trained professionals… I mean look at how they can shoot the ball using the wheel.” — SuperBarbaazul

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Del Nipplez – The Booby Handshake

“I had the most amazing time being a part of this music video! Worked with the most talented director & crew & cast! I can really see this giving everyone of all ages a new dance to dance at all their get togethers! And a great laugh and fun watching! Which we all can use a great laugh these days!” — Cindy Chase

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The Glowbelt


Glowbelt is the first in a new generation of wearable LED products keeping you safe at night. Compact, lightweight and bright, the belt pulls out from a small and attractive case and can be worn as a sash or belt allowing you to keep safety in your pocket or glovebox. Anyone on the road has the right to feel safe, whether it be on the roadside during a break down or while out walking the dog. Glowbelt makes you visible well before a car’s headlights illuminate you.” w/ photos + videos

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