Lab-Grown Cheese


“The team first studied animal genomes to isolate the gene sequences responsible for producing milk protein or casein. After optimizing the genes to work within yeast, they synthesized the gene from scratch in a genetic compiler, base pair by base pair. There’s no need to touch a cow in the making of the cheese. These synthetic milk genes are inserted into yeast cells which begin manufacturing caseins. After the cells have been left to do their thing for awhile, the scientists separate yeast from caseins, add sugar, water, and vegetable oil. They now have real (synthetically derived) milk and can make any cheese using traditional techniques.” w/ photos + videos

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Butt Facial?

“Body conscious beach-goers are spending a whopping $500 on a new treatment that promises to enhance their bums. The butt facial is the new beauty craze to come out of the Big Apple. The costly 40 minute procedure uses lasers, chemical peels and moisturisers to tone and smooth the skin. The procedure, dubbed the Tip Top Tush Treatment, is available at Dr. Matthew Schulman’s plastic surgery office in New York City.” — Barcroft TV

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Tree Produces 40 Different Types Of Fruit


Aken’s Tree of 40 Fruit looks like a normal tree for most of the year, but in spring it reveals a stunning patchwork of pink, white, red and purple blossoms, which turn into an array of plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries and almonds during the summer months, all of which are rare and unique varieties. Not only is it a beautiful specimen, but it’s also helping to preserve the diversity of the world’s stone fruit. Stone fruits are selected for commercial growing based first and foremost on how long they keep, then how large they grow, then how they look, and lastly how they taste. This means that there are thousands of stone fruit varieties in the world, but only a very select few are considered commercially viable, even if they aren’t the best tasting, or most nutritious ones.” w/ photos

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Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never ft. ETML

“Basement Jaxx imagines a future where humans have given up the dance, and science has turned to ‘twerkbots’ to keep passion alive in the human race. Horrifying stuff… (but (butt) an awesome video).” — Mike Stevens

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Underwater Skateboarding

“Th idea and reason behind this video was to prove the Puka ceramic bearings and Jaseboards bamboo decks could handle the “excessive moisture” that comes along with being submerged in a swimming pool for countless hours on end! We have skated these boards for the last two weeks after shooting the pool footage and the bearings are still spinning fabulously! Can we guarantee this will be everyones experience… nope but it has been ours so far.” — Jaseboards

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