Woman Tries To Smuggle Cocaine In Breast Implants


“During a check of passengers from a plane from Bogota, the gestures and behavior of a supposed tourist raised the suspicions of narcotics agents,” they said in a statement. After a baggage search revealed nothing, female officers conducted a body search of the 43-year-old woman and discovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts”. At that moment, the suspect started to act nervously and “confessed that she was carrying implants with cocaine inside,” the statement said. The woman was taken to a hospital where the implants were removed and found to contain 1.7 kilos of the drug. Although unusual, it is not the first time Spanish police have seen drug smugglers using breast implants to try to beat detection.” w/ photos

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The History Of Greyhound


Greyhound has been busing Americans around for a century. It’s hard to believe that after all these years, the company is still riding high… Realizing that most iron miners were too poor to afford their own vehicle, Wickman decided to start transporting workers between Hibbing and Alice, a mining town two miles away. Cramming 15 passengers into his eight-seat “touring car,” the 27-year-old charged 15 cents a ride. On his first trip, in 1914, Wickman collected a grand total of $2.25. But 100 years later, that modest sum has grown into nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.” w/ photos

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Guy Smokes McDonalds French Fry!

“Whats up! I’m Trevor and I’ve been hearing folks say that they can smoke a McDonalds french fry… so I figured I’d try it out. Check this out.” — Trevor Ferrell

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Paper Rocket Launcher


“Full Force Rocket Launchers have fast become a favorite activity for us. There is nothing like building your own rocket from paper and then launching it 400 feet into the air. When we take one of these Rocket Launchers to parks or family reunions or just even our own front yard a crowd always gathers to watch the show. We usually use an air compressor to fill the chamber at our house but when we take it to the park we just use a bicycle pump that is how portable it is. The idea is simple, build a rocket using a paper template, slide it on to the launch tube, press the ignition button and then watch your rocket fly!” w/ photos + videos

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Top 10 Facts About Firecrackers That Will Blow You Away


“Firecrackers are essentially un-American, even though we associate them with our most deeply patriotic celebration, the Fourth of July. The fact is that firecrackers are foreign-born novelties, and have been as long as Americans have lit them for a noisy salute to the nation’s birth. As it turns out, firecracker history is as colorful and complicated as the lithographed artwork used to sell them… Here are 10 things we learned about firecrackers and their labels from talking to Dotz and reading his Ten Speed Press trade book Firecrackers: The Art & History, published in 2000 and co-authored by Jack Mingo and George Moyer.” w/ photos

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