The Website Will Be Down For The Next Few Days…


We’ll be away for a few days…


UniqueDaily V8: The Grid Is Back, Again!

The new site will be up by Monday morning. UniqueDaily V8 will return to a photo grid format… Don’t worry, the posts (photogrid) will all be external links! Meaning; when you click on a photo, on the grid, it’ll take you directly to the source. It will not take you to an internal post like it did last time (UD:V5) which was a BIG lesson learned.

If you’re anxious to see what the site will look like, here’s a little peek of the theme we’re working off of… keep in mind there’s many visual customizations that will get tweaked and worked out.

Until then, see you on Monday!

Michael — UD

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Don’t Wake The Cat!

“So cats have evolved to modulate their voice to match that of a human baby to manipulate us. The benefit is obvious. The downside… is that they sound comically nonthreatening.” — Terence C

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The PowerPot


Simply put, The PowerPot transforms the heat from cooking into electricity with no moving parts. This is done using a technology called thermoelectric power generation. Thermoelectric technology was discovered in the early 1800’s, but found no consumer application in power generation due to the relatively high power needs of the devices in use at the time. However, times have changed. Today, nearly everyone uses microelectronics-based devices (smart phones, mp3 players, GPS units, etc.) which consume less than 5 watts of power.” w/ photos + video

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