Porsche’s High Speed Test Track


The Nardò Ring is a 7.7 miles long high speed circular test track located in a remote area on the heel of Italy’s ‘boot,’ 31 miles east of the naval port of Taranto. The Ring is named after the urban center of Nardò, situated 22 kilometers to the southeast. The Ring was originally built by Fiat in 1975 and is currently owned by the German car manufacturer Porsche, although the facilities have always been open to all automotive manufacturers right from the start. And thanks to the unique rain-free South Italian climate, the track operates 363 days per year, on three shifts, seven days a week.” w/ photos

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World’s Longest Residential Building


The world’s longest residential building, Karl Marx-Hof, is located in the neighborhood of Heiligenstadt in the Austrian capital city of Vienna. Built between 1927 and 1930 by city planner Karl Ehn, the colossal building is 3,520ft long – a length spanned by four tram stops and interspersed by several tunnels that had to be incorporated into the design to allow the continuation of city streets and traffic flow. It was one of the approximately 400 new municipal apartment complexes, called Gemeindebauten, built by the Social Democrats to provide housing to the thousands of families rendered homeless after the First World War.” w/ photos

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Soccer Fanbots

“What if there was a robot cheering for those fans who cannot come to the stadium? Fanbot is the combination of ‘fan’ and ‘robot’ Hanhwa Eagles, for the first time in the world, launched eagles-fanbot, which allowed for interactive cheering for those fans who cannot come to the stadium.” — 한화한

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Old Man Kisses Random Girls

“Check out our Uncle ‘PickUp Artist’ Marty… still spitting game on these hotties at the beach! I WISH I HAD THE BALLS TO DO THIS.” — HeyHomie310

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Lucid Dreaming Mask


“There’s a lot more to Lucid Dreaming than simply acknowledging that it’s real and crossing your fingers. It’s tough! Your body has a been dreaming one way for your entire life, so teaching it to dream a new way requires some effort. Dozens of websites have cropped up where lucid dreamers, novice and expert alike, flock to swap stories and tips. Some of these techniques include Reality Checks – a quick “lucid test” that requires forming simple habits during waking life that you then perform during dreams. Other methods, like WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming) involve taking a very active role in the process of falling asleep, which can lead to entering directly into a dream from wakefulness. Remee aims to make all of this a lot easier by providing recognizable external input into your dreams.” w/ photos + video

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Top 25 Best Coming-Of-Age Movies Ever Made


“Richard Linklater’s Boyhood continues its seemingly inevitable move towards world domination, expanding to more theaters over the weekend and capturing the imaginations and hearts of even the most jaded moviegoers. Meanwhile, Naomi Foner’s evocative Very Good Girls also opened last weekend (on fewer screens), with a welcome female take on that whole “becoming a grown-up” thing. In other words, it’s a very good time for the coming-of-age movie, where maturity is gained and lessons are learned and lifelong memories are made, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of our all-time favorites.” w/ photos

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