Barely Legal Pawn

“Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul go into business together and this time it’s legal… barely. Find out what happens when Julia Louis-Dreyfus becomes a client, trying to offload television’s most coveted item, in this video starring three Emmy Award winners.” — Television Academy

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How Long Do CDs Last?


France says part of what they are trying to do here is determine the minimal conditions needed for libraries and archives everywhere to preserve CDs. “Smaller institutions don’t have the resources to control environments tightly,” she says. “One of the things we try to do is sort of look at how wide can that range be, as long as it doesn’t fluctuate too much. And [if] it’s stable, then that’s usually the best thing.” Unfortunately, this testing has also found that not all CDs are the same. Michele Youket, a Library of Congress preservation specialist, plays a CD of classical piano rhapsodies by Erno Dohnanyi. It crackles, and eventually the sound just cuts out.” w/ photos

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Perverted Poster PRANK

“In this ridiculous prank, an ad comes to life to ogle at a sexy lady! Like he wasn’t creepy enough when he wasn’t moving!” — JFL

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Where Does The Smell Of Rain Come From?

“That was very informative – didn’t know that Ozone actually had a smell. Weird how that rain in the video instantly reminded me right of rom-coms. Was almost waiting for a cheesy confession of romantic feelings.” — Walking Phrase

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Found Camera PRANK

“You can find some pretty interesting stuff when you find a camera on the ground! Even Denis Levasseur as a woman.” — JFL

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Cold Therapy Wraps


FullFX Sports helps athletes compete harder and recover faster. Our line of cold therapy wraps feature built-in ice packs… FullFX cold therapy wraps are ready-to-wear when frozen. Simply put the wrap in a freezer. Its ready to use once the inside gel packs are frozen. Once applied, the gels inside the neoprene will gradually thaw within 15-20 minutes – the length of time recommended by many sports doctors and athletic therapists to reduce swelling. Constructed of non-toxic and non-hazardous FDA approved materials, FullFX cold therapy wraps are safe to use against the skin.” w/ photos + videos

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Woman Tries To Smuggle Cocaine In Breast Implants


“During a check of passengers from a plane from Bogota, the gestures and behavior of a supposed tourist raised the suspicions of narcotics agents,” they said in a statement. After a baggage search revealed nothing, female officers conducted a body search of the 43-year-old woman and discovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts”. At that moment, the suspect started to act nervously and “confessed that she was carrying implants with cocaine inside,” the statement said. The woman was taken to a hospital where the implants were removed and found to contain 1.7 kilos of the drug. Although unusual, it is not the first time Spanish police have seen drug smugglers using breast implants to try to beat detection.” w/ photos

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