Secret Weapon Of America’s Best Ramen Shops


That idea was revolutionary at the time in a country where ramen meant Cup Noodles if it meant anything at all. Other ramen noodle manufacturers didn’t bother with custom noodles, and ramen consumers didn’t seem to care. Sun Noodle distinguished itself simply by caring. Sun Noodle uses eight types of flour and constantly adjusts the pH level of its water to get just the right texture for a ramen noodle. Real humans oversee the machinery to make sure each noodle is cut to the right size down to the fraction of a millimeter. Everyone from sales reps to Hidehito himself helps clients find the exact noodle they want or the noodle they didn’t know they wanted.” w/ photos + video

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The Making Of The Pizza Thrower

“In partnership with the upcoming TMNT Movie, Pizza Hut commisioned Syyn Labs to build a life-size Pizza Thrower — and we brought it to Comic Con. He’s how we made it.” — pizzahut

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Universal Shopping Cart For The Web


“The abandoned shopping cart is an e-commerce entrepreneurs’ nightmare. More often than not, shoppers browse an online store, load up their carts, then ditch them. Some studies estimate around two-thirds of shopping carts are abandoned just before the transaction is complete… Whatever the reason, e-commerce companies always are on the hunt for new ways to convince customers to seal the deal. One New York startup may have the answer: A single shopping cart for the entire internet.” w/ photos

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Star-Spangled Banner Sung By 7,000 People

“At the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2014 International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, the MGM Grand Garden Arena crowd was led by Mike O’Neill on the singing of America’s national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.” — BHS

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The WEDG is a patent pending self hosted, on-site, secure email and file storage solution with advanced sync and privacy controls. Once connected to the internet, the WEDG provides everything that you have come to expect from a third party cloud solution, as well as a few you have not. The WEDG has no monthly fees and doesn’t limit or monitor your usage, nor will it ever share any data with advertisers or government agencies. All this, whilst being one of the most secure products on the market.” w/ photos + video

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