Microrobots Working Together?


A closer look makes it clear that these busy critters are in fact man-made. Wong-Foy, a senior research engineer at SRI, has built an army of magnetically steered workers to test the idea that ‘microrobot’ could be a better way to assemble electronics components, or to build other small structures. Wong-Foy’s robotic workers have already proved capable of building towers 30 centimeters (two feet) long from carbon rods, and other platforms able to support a kilogram of weight.” w/ photos

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WTF Is Sugru?

“This video shows what Sugru can do! Sugru is the exciting self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff. It bonds to almost anything and overnight it turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber.” — ProjectSugru

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Google Embeds Camera In Smart Contact Lens


“The lenses were developed in the Google X lab and were featured in a patent filing dating from 2012, which was recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent filing features a contact lens that includes an embedded circuit, camera and sensor. The control circuit could be linked wirelessly or via a wire to the camera and sensor. The sensor could be a light sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor or electrical field sensor, which may allow for people to gain a ‘sixth sense’ of sorts.” w/ photos

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How To Make A Mini Crossbow

“How to make a mini cross bow and arrow out of household items (a bottle top. lollipop popsicle sticks, and an elastic band). Also shows how to make different types of arrows. Fun craft idea and simple to follow video tutorial.” — DaveHax

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Female Drummers On The Loose!

“The second girl has crazy speed and awesome singles. Its scary. The first lady is definitely female funkdafication at its finest. Dang… Why did I get married?” — Clinton Bellamy

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WWE To NHL (Time Lapse Conversion)

“Watch as the Tampa Bay Times Forum converts from hosting a WWE Monday Night Raw event to laying down the ice for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League.” — SPTimesForum

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It’s Oddka!


Oddka has taken these distinct and memorable feelings and transformed them into three bizarre boozy blends that inject a bit of eccentric mystery back into your ordinary cocktails. Mojitos and Moscow Mules are no longer adventurous – not when you can now lick a lightning bolt, frolic in the flavor of freshly cut grass and melt in the seductive scent of salted caramel popcorn. Undoubtedly concocted and distilled by a radical mixologist in some distant unimaginable laboratory; it’s time to embrace these outlandish flavors, take one fearless sip and let Oddka lead you right out of your conventional alcoholic comfort zone and into a curious and intoxicating world of wonder.” w/ photos

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Top 9 Easy Sun Protection Tips


“Skin protection from sun is not only about smearing your skin with sunscreen, it requires a little bit of knowledge about your sunscreen and better skin care planning. According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and dermatologists, the new developments and researches in the recent years have completely changed the old sun care techniques. The selection of sunscreen and the method of applying it properly really affect the protection. So here are 9 most effective sun care techniques and really useful information that will really help you to beat the sun.” w/ photos

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