Lazy Boyz

“A horror/comedy short about about two slackers who discover their new found couch lurks with mysterious evil.” — Boo Ya Pictures

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Who Were The First Teenagers?


“Most historians pin the origins of teen culture to the 1950s, when adults first noticed that adolescents were dictating trends in fashion, music, film, and more. But director Matt Wolf’s latest film, called simply ‘Teenage,’ challenges the notion that this turbulent, in-between life stage is a modern development. Based on Jon Savage’s book of the same title, ‘Teenage’ is an exploration of youth culture before mass media had a firm grasp on the concept of adolescence, from the beginning of the 20th century up to World War II. Using archival footage and firsthand accounts, ‘Teenage’ examines the various movements that paved the way for today’s teen angst, helping audiences empathize with the excitement, fear, and indignation felt by restless youth more than 100 years ago.” w/ photos

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Cutting A Tree FAIL

“Obviously the branches and trunk of weighed enough to bring the tree down, but once he cut that section off, the roots of the tree weighed more than the trunk and branches and it went back up. Not a magic tree, just uneducated people looking for attention.” — Johan Qin

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In-Shell Egg Scrambler


If you’ve enjoyed some of the many culinary innovations lately, you may be aware of a rare treat known as ‘the golden egg’. Most people have never tasted the exquisite flavor of an In-shell Scrambled Egg. ‘Golden Eggs’ can be enjoyed hard or soft boiled, deviled or in egg salad, fried, pickled, atop noodles, or as a surprise on Easter Sunday. There are many preparations yet to be discovered, perhaps you will be the first to invent a new recipe? Golden eggs are known to be a delicacy, but you’ll have trouble finding a restaurant serving them and there are no utensils designed to create Golden Eggs… until now!” w/ photos

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Top 10 Brilliant Real Heists As Dramatic As The Movies


“The perfect crime is a Hollywood staple. We love watching people commit large-scale theft, so long as they’re really clever about it. These sorts of capers aren’t just found in film, however. Whether it’s an astonishingly elaborate scheme pulled off with perfect precision or a plan audaciously exploiting the system in the simplest way possible, the following crimes all have the entertaining touch of heist magic.” w/ photos + videos

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