The Double Tree!


Nobody knows for sure how this happened; probably some bird dropped a seed on top of the mulberry which then grew roots through the hollow trunk of the host tree to reach the soil. While trees growing parasitically over another tree is not unusual, but they normally do not reach the size and lifespan as seen in this particular example, as there is not enough humus and space available where they grow. Large “double-trees”, also called Epiphytes, like the Bialbero de Casorzo are a rarity.” w/ photos

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History Of Hollywood In Under 10 Minutes

“How did a $25,000 bet give rise to the modern film industry? How did Hollywood come to be, well, Hollywood? And where do we go from here? We’ll cover 2,000 years of moving images in under 10 minutes.” — CineFix

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World’s Fastest Internet Network


A research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which was the first to break the one-terabit barrier in 2009, has today managed to squeeze 43 terabits per second over a single optical fiber with just one laser transmitter. In a more user-friendly unit, 43Tbps is equivalent to a transfer rate of around 5.4 terabytes per second — or 5,375 gigabytes to be exact. Yes, if you had your hands on DTU’s new fiber-optic network, you could transfer the entire contents of your 1TB hard drive in a fifth of a second — or, to put it another way, a 1GB DVD rip in 0.2 milliseconds.” w/ photos

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How To Wake Up Feeling Great

“I’ve shared this concept with as many people I can, whenever this discussion comes up. The only alteration I give as is, ‘The Three Hour Rule’ (90min x 2)… People like to argue; I feel it’s part, stubbornness to new information and/or an insecurity of not knowing this information, an attitude of wanting to be the one who’s right… I keep telling people, wanting to help them, that there are other solutions than being a slave to an alarm clock. Personally, I haven’t used an alarm clock in over 7yrs. And I wake up on time everyday. The only time when I feel terrible in the morning is when someone interrupts my sleep.” — Amps For Buddha

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FitWet Bike

“The FitWet bike allows you to reshape your body in a safe and sustainable way through its pedaling in water. It also helps strengthen muscles and effectively reduces any cellulite or orange peel appearances…” — FW

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Minimal Drum Machine

“Teenage Engineering PO-12 unveiling at Norbergfestivalen 2014. The creators of OP-1 finally reveal the sound of their upcoming $50 drum machine. There is a slight delay in development, but they’re confident that it’ll be released in 2015.” — cuckoomusic

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The Motion Synth


The Motion Synth gives you the freedom to choose how your movements shape sound. Highly intuitive motion-to-sound connections are built into the app, thereby speeding up how quickly you can learn to play musically-expressive sounds. In addition, the level of complexity in these motion-to-sound connections is configurable, so you can keep things very simple and engaging to start with, and then increase the level of complexity as soon as you feel ready for the challenge of greater expressive control.” w/ photos + video

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