How Long Would It Take For Your House To Fall Completely Apart?


“Your home protects you from wind, rain, snow and even ultraviolet rays from sunshine. But those same elements can also prove fatal for a home if you don’t do the routine maintenance necessary to keep it up. Cleaning out gutters, recaulking windows and replacing roof shingles may all bore you to tears, but they are all imperative for keeping your house safe from the ravages of time and weather. But exactly what would happen if you simply stopped doing these things? How long would it take for your house to fall completely apart if you left it alone?” w/ photos

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How Stress Works


On this page, we will help you deal with your three types of stress – those you can eliminate, those you can reduce, and those you can cope with. While the stressors you can eliminate or cope with essentially take care of themselves, it’s the stress you need to reduce that causes real problems. We will offer you some tips to organize your life and remove some of the stressors that are adding to your frustration. Finally, we will offer you some suggestions that may help you relax when you are feeling stressed out.” w/ photos

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Elephant Mimics Human Speech

“Researchers report that an Asian elephant named Koshik, at the Everland Zoo in South Korea, has learned to mimic human speech by placing his trunk in his mouth. The Elephant can say the words for good, no, hello, sit down, and lie down in Korean which is unusual because elephants usually make sounds much lower with some of them being outside the range of human hearing.”

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How Do You Actually Become A Spy?

“Did you ever watch James Bond and think to yourself ‘I’m going to be just like him someday?’ Well, you actually can… maybe. Yes, it’s a complex process, but they’re taking applications.”

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How To Survive Nuclear Radiation

“Fallout! How to Survive illustrates the cause and effects of radioactive nuclear fallout. Describes preparations which should be made to safeguard lives and protect food and water supplies from radiation.” — BestDomainVidz

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The DreamLit


DreamLit is a new concept LED lamp that provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to support a good night’s sleep. With built in music and automatic dimming light and sound, the lamp slowly powers off as you drift off to sleep! DreamLit Sleep Curve When you start Dream mode, the device starts to play your choice of music and dims the light to the preset level. In approximately 30 minutes (adjustable as described below), DreamLit slowly turns down the light and music until it reaches the minimum level, setting a relaxing atmosphere that leads you to a sweet sleep. Finally, DreamLit softly switches off the music and light.” w/ photos + video

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Top 5 Reasons Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying The World


“We all know a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it’s that kid from high school who keeps putting photos of “chemtrails” on his Facebook wall, or an uncle who listens to alternative radio and thinks Obama is a reptilian creature in a human skin suit. It’s easy to laugh at them and congratulate ourselves for being smarter than they are, but in doing so you’d be missing something important: They’re winning. Yeah, it’s time to take conspiracy theorists seriously, but not for the reasons they want us to.” w/ photos

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